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About Smith Consulting


Smith Consulting & HR Solutions was created to be a solution to various issues I have seen throughout my 20+ years in HR.  

Our primary goal is to be a solution to your problem.  If your problem is finding employment, we want to be that solution to land that dream job or career you’re looking for. If your organization is having issues with team morale, Smith Consulting wants to provide those solutions and tools to make that team high functioning.   Read More

Benefits of Training

happy employees

Increased job satifaction

Good employee morale results in a better work environment, higher productivity and greater financial gains.


Decreased Turnover

Employees who feel secure in their jobs stay longer. Retaining experienced employees saves money.


Increased Motivation

High levels of employee motivation results in increased engagement. Employees who are engaged feel more connected to the company.


Better Communication and Teamwork

Creativity thrives when people work together effectively as a team.



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